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One of the most dangerous situations you can find yourself in is being stranded alongside the road late at night with a flat tyre and no mobile phone! As unlikely as it may sound these situations do occur, hoping for a Good Samaritan to come along won’t do you much good. Ask yourself this, do you really want to get into a car with a perfect stranger in the middle of the night? And driving on a flat tyre is most definitely not an option unless you want to cause serious damage to the car suspension and wheel rim!

Run Flat Tyres

To avoid a situation such as this I would advise investing in some run flat tyres! Basically run flat tyres have been specifically designed to resist the effect of deflating. A revolution in tyre design run flat tyres will allow you to keep driving even if the tyre is punctured by a foreign object.

Keep in mind that should your vehicle sustain a flat and you have run flat tyres the distance and speed which you are allowed to travel will be determined by the following factors:

  • The passenger load – If there is more than two passengers and no luggage the vehicle may travel at 80km/h.
  • The luggage load – If there is two passengers with luggage the vehicle may travel at 80km/h however the travelling distance is reduced.
  • The tow load – If the vehicle has two passengers but is towing a trailer it may travel at speeds between70km/h and 80km/h but the travelling distance is substantial reduced to approximately 48 kilometres.

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